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This Christmas Each Drop of Water Counts

This Christmas Each Drop of Water Counts

700 million people do not have access to drinking water. Almost as many as the people who live in the countries in which we are working.
And, as our trajectory is full of challenges, this Christmas we have a monumental one: to collaborate in bringing clean water to the most needy.

How? Through AUARA, a brand of mineral water that invests 100% of its dividends in bringing drinking water to people who do not have it, and ONGAWA, a development ONG whose mission is to put technology at the service of human development to build a more just and supportive society.

We are going to make you part of our challenge

The money that we invest every year in the Christmas campaign for our clients, we are going to devote it entirely to a project that AUARA and ONGAWA have in Maluana (Mozambique) with the objective of improving access to water and sanitation to reduce the mortality and illnesses of the population, especially in those under 5 years old.

To know the project in detail you can download the PDF (spanish) with all the information, click here.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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